Prize Winners & Full Time Royal Ballet School Students Application Form 2019
Student Information
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Only complete this form if the applicant is one of the following:

- A student in full time training at The Royal Ballet School
- A prize winner who has been awarded a Direct Entry or Scholarship award by the Royal Ballet School.
- An International Exchange student with the Royal Ballet School.

Stage 1: Please complete the application form, selecting your chosen course (or the course that you have been awarded a direct entry or scholarship for) and enter contact information. An account will be created for you after the parent/guardians details have been entered on page two, this provides you with future access to your account to view your details at any time. On the final page of the application form you will be able to review the information you have provided before pressing ‘Submit application form’ at the bottom of the page. You will then see your account page. You can use this form to apply for more than one course.

At this stage please check your email account for messages from The Royal Ballet School and OpenApply. You will need to verify your email address.

There is no application fee to pay for your direct entry and/or tuition scholarship awarded course. However if you also apply for an additional intensive course, you will need to pay the relevant application fee to be considered (full time Royal Ballet School students are exempt from application fees). To do this follow the link to your account page (given in an email from OpenApply), click on the link and then click on the applicants name. This will then display a check list of items including the application fee forms, select and pay for the course/s you have applied for and then submit the fee for the your choice of course.

IMPORTANT, your account home page will ask you to complete all checklist items, however you only need to complete the payment form for the course/s you wish to be considered for (if you have applied for a course in addition to your award). Please do not pay for courses you are not applying for or complete additional application forms – these can be ignored.

We would advise you to use a desktop computer or laptop to complete the form, rather than a mobile phone.

The Royal Ballet School is able to offer means tested support to qualifying families for all London Intensives. Parents of successful candidates seeking financial support will be required to submit a detailed Declaration of Income form for consideration.

There is some financial assistance for the Hong Kong Intensive, successful applicants requiring financial assistance should contact the Intensive Courses Coordinator.

Applicant’s Name

On 31 August, 2019, how old will the applicant be in years and months? For example, 14 years and 6 months

Applications for the Spring Intensives 2019 are now closed

Applications for the Summer Intensives 2019 are now closed

Home address (for correspondence)

The majority of correspondence will be sent by email, however a postal address is also required.