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Prize Winners & Full Time Royal Ballet School Students Application Form 2019
Applicant Information

(Please state to the nearest half hour eg 0.5, 4.5 etc. or enter 0 if none).

Please state hours of other relevant classes the applicant attends.
(Please state to the nearest half hour eg 0.5, 4.5 etc. or enter 0 if none).

Please select a measurement value before you enter the height.

After selecting feet and inches or centimetres please use the following format for the height measurement e.g. 5.6 (5ft 6inches) or 167 (167cms)

Dance school

These details are required for our records.

If the applicant is offered a place on an Intensive course, this email address will be used to invite the named dance teacher to book on to the Dance Teacher’s Observation Programme. By providing this information we will assume that you have the dance teacher’s permission.

Address of dance school

Ballet level currently studied

This can be a Grade or Level reached. If none please write NA (not applicable).

(eg RAD/ISTD) – if none please write NA (not applicable).

Students who have indicated that they are interested in joining the school in September 2019 will be observed throughout the course by the Head of Intensive Courses and teaching staff.
Should the School consider a student for full-time training, the family will be contacted and an interview arranged. Please note, the School is not able to provide feedback for individual students and only those being considered for a place are contacted.
If you are already a full time student with the school please select ‘not applicable’.